Welcome to our Spring Challenge | 15 October – 11 November



We don’t believe in Summer bodies. We believe in year-round fabulousness. We believe in seasonal eating (because potatoes are life in Winter). We believe in slowing down in the cooler months and speeding up as the sun starts to shine. We listen to our bodies (and they say girl, you are giving me love heart eyes). 

Our Spring Challenge is here to launch you into the new season feeling fresh and fit.  

Shake off the Winter with four weeks of special Spring magic:

  • Move your body with 5 Barre Body classes a week.  Pick up your barre tab to participate and if you attend 20 classes during the challenge, you’ll be in the running to win our major prize. It’s MAJOR. That’s why we called it that.
  • Nourish your body with custom meal plans and recipes, made especially for the Springtime. Our holistic menus are written by our resident Naturopath, so they come with cred (and not too much kale. Promise).
  • Declutter your mind with bespoke meditations, made just for our challenge by The Mellow Mind. Banish anxiety, stress, and overwhelm and find space in your day, every day.
  • Be guided through all four weeks with holistic support from our incredible Barre Body team. From words of inspiration, to our picks in podcasts, reads, (healthy) obsessions and more – we’ll be right there with you. Not in a creepy way.

 In four weeks you’ll be feeling clearer, stronger, and brighter. Think better sleeps, glowing skin, balanced hormones, fewer cravings, and a much smaller Uber Eats spend.



If you’re a Bende Unlimited member, you pay nada, because you’re a bit spesh. You’ll still need to sign up, which is super easy if you click right here for unlimited mat or here for unlimited mat + reformer. 

Not a Bende member? Immerse yourself for four weeks and you might just want to change that. Join us for the Spring Challenge: $250 for mat-only classes, or $350 for unlimited mat and reformer sessions.