We were delighted to recently be featured on our go-to site for all things health, wellness and fitness – Sporteluxe.

Click here to read the full article, but here is a sneak peak:

“Since moving to Byron two years ago, I have been inspired by my new surroundings. I felt drawn to create something uniquely “Byron”,” Emma told us. And the result is Bende, a mindful movement studio that recognises that sometimes you want to move your body fast and hard and other times you need to slow down.

Along with your favourite barre class, Bende offers dynamic and flowing Pilates, yoga, soulful yin and meditation, so you can pick and choose whether you want to chill out or sweat it out. And if you want both in the one hour—because we’re female after all—she’s even developed a signature Flow class, which involves strength and toning work, heart-pumping cardio and conscious movement followed by a sweat savasana or meditation.

“Life is getting busier and faster with more distractions and to-dos. I wanted to create something that was a total body and mind experience where you dance like no one is watching, sweat like crazy, release endorphins and move consciously and mindfully, connecting to body and spirit—and Bende’s Flow class is exactly that,” says Emma.

Thank you, Sporteluxe.