So maybe you’re a moon aficionado who knows the lunar cycles intimately and understands how to leverage them to make your life a little smoother. And maybe you’ve got no idea what a waxing or waning moon is, nor remotely understand how this might impact your life. If you fall into the latter camp, never fear. This is our quick guide for how to set intentions during the time of the New Moon – no degree in astrology required!


During a lunar month, the moon goes through eight glories phases. If you’d like to learn more about this, you can download a lunar calendar here. Today we’re focussing only on the first of these eight phases – when a moon is considered New or ‘dark’, and what that means for your life.


Each phase of the moon has its own distinct energy and look, and has been closely observed by people for centuries. After all, the moon is perhaps our oldest time keeper.

The first few days of a New Moon’s cycle is energetically the perfect time to set yourself new intentions and help propel yourself forward. It represents birth and beginnings, and is a rich, fertile time to plant seeds, begin projects, or breathe life into things you hope to grow and cultivate. During a New Moon, there is a Yang energy, and that strong, ‘doing’ energy can help bring a little more weight and push to your goals and desires.


The flip side of this is also true – the new, humming energy of the new moon is the perfect time to do some emotional clearing out, to let go of past trauma and direct your energy and attention to manifesting those magical dreams of yours.


So how do you go about doing this? Our gorgeous founder Emma led a beautiful, heart-centred meditation and goal setting ritualthis new moon, which if you didn’t tune into at the time is certainly worth a listen.


Please remember – setting intentions, reflecting and manifesting are powerful, gorgeous rituals at any time of the day, month, year, or lunar cycle. You can do this without ever considering or referencing the lunar cycle. But when you have a beautiful, glowing, time-keeper right up there in the sky, sending you little periodic reminders to relax, reflect, check in with yourself, and set yourself intentions, why wouldn’t you listen?